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Gots to Do an Art Review

Published January 31, 2014 by konchk

So today, for an art review I needed to complete for my drawing class,  I had the pleasure of roaming the Plains Art Museum with my buddy Matthew. All I really got accomplished was making him take pictures of the ones I liked so I can procrastinate some more and write it later. Oh, and!…I saw my one of my art professor’s paintings hanging. That was pretty sweet. I contemplated sucking up to the teacher and writing a good review about his, then I thought… maybe my obvious brown-nosing would not sit too well. But then I thought again, if he asks…I’ll tell him I didn’t know his first name was Kent. Just another Kapplinger artist in the Fargo area. Then I thought again…better not. I’ll just stick to the cool blue painting with stuff splashed everywhere.


Good morning sunshine…the earth says “Hello!”

Published January 30, 2014 by konchk

This is my first blog post…WHOOP WHOOP. So here’s the dealio: It’s the 179th item on my bucket list to create an awesome blog. So here I am. I will continue crossing off items off my lovely list every week. And I would like to share with all you wonderful people who dare to embark on this journey with me these experiences. To let you all know, I’m actually going to post a poop ton. I’m going to shoot for sharing something every day to give us all a break from our busy lives (not that I have a ton of extra free time to myself…wait…I’m actually not being sarcastic. I should probably be doing something more productive at this moment).

But, here goes…

I will start off each week, each Sunday, with an inspirational quote. You know, to get our blood pumping and ready.

Mondays are kinda poopy…so we need a little humor to get us through.

Tuesday, I will let you in on little tid bits on me.

Wednesday…HUMP DAYYY!!! Anything my heart desires, I shall post.

Thursday…snore…college life.

Friday I will give some well-rounded Hannah advice about anything and everything.

And finally! My favorite part…I will share what I have done and how I crossed off one or more item or items off my bucket list!

Let’s see how well this goes. Knock on hood! I mean, wood.