Good morning sunshine…the earth says “Hello!”

Published January 30, 2014 by konchk

This is my first blog post…WHOOP WHOOP. So here’s the dealio: It’s the 179th item on my bucket list to create an awesome blog. So here I am. I will continue crossing off items off my lovely list every week. And I would like to share with all you wonderful people who dare to embark on this journey with me these experiences. To let you all know, I’m actually going to post a poop ton. I’m going to shoot for sharing something every day to give us all a break from our busy lives (not that I have a ton of extra free time to myself…wait…I’m actually not being sarcastic. I should probably be doing something more productive at this moment).

But, here goes…

I will start off each week, each Sunday, with an inspirational quote. You know, to get our blood pumping and ready.

Mondays are kinda poopy…so we need a little humor to get us through.

Tuesday, I will let you in on little tid bits on me.

Wednesday…HUMP DAYYY!!! Anything my heart desires, I shall post.

Thursday…snore…college life.

Friday I will give some well-rounded Hannah advice about anything and everything.

And finally! My favorite part…I will share what I have done and how I crossed off one or more item or items off my bucket list!

Let’s see how well this goes. Knock on hood! I mean, wood.


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