Some Well-Rounded Hannah Advice: PRIORITIES

Published February 1, 2014 by konchk

You know how everyone says you need to prioritize?…Your time, your spending habits, your work, your goals, your to-do list, whether to shower or finish your assignment when your horribly late for a meeting you have in the building where you forget which elevator to take every single time, and which freaking TV show to watch at which freaking time to get the optimum level of entertainment. What I don’t understand is why people don’t work as hard as they do with all those monotonous tasks as they do with the people they know. I mean, I guess they do…it just seems we do it poorly. I guess what I’m saying, and I do get that I take forever to get at my point, is that effort and time gets wasted on all the wrong people.

Who cares if you’re late to the darn meeting? What’s that person going to do? Nothing. That’s what. They’ll be a bit disappointed, if anything. Maybe they’ll see you as careless and lazy. But it’s pretty obvious how much you do care and how much you do work when you actually show them what you do. And why waste your energy on people who don’t do the same? Give it to people who would gladly do anything to see you happy without expecting for anything in return. Give it to your mommy and daddy because they did everything for you because you happened to become their spawn. Give it to that obnoxious, beautiful sister of yours who loves you even when you’re grumpy or when you eat her hidden stash of candy. Give it to your friends who have seen you in your worst state and laugh it off in the morning. And especially give it to you.

I don’t know…using your energy for a smelly parrot would be better than breaking your neck for the little, pointless things that won’t matter. I seriously doubt that on your death bed you will be wishing you watched a different TV show, or that you bought a lemon instead of a lime, or even if you had a people-free bubble around you all day because fumes of BO were marking your walking path. You will probably be wishing you didn’t waste so much time on the wrong people.  And you will especially be wishing  you spent more time telling people that you matter to how much they really matter to you.

Stinkin’ priorities. I certainly can’t get them right.


6 comments on “Some Well-Rounded Hannah Advice: PRIORITIES

  • I really enjoyed this entry! At the end of the day, at the second of an event, how could we ever understand what a true priority is for us? Looking forward to more!

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