Early Bed Early to Rise Makes a Growing Girl Pretty and Nice

Published February 7, 2014 by konchk

Thanks to my marvelous ability to get distracted by a Rubik’s Cube made in Japan, this lovely blog, Facebook, emails, checking my grades, guzzling down coffee, cleaning my room, planning my week, walking over to my residence hall I resided in last year to pick up my packages from Amazon because I forgot to switch my sending address, and picking off lint off my pillow…it took me much longer than it should have to finish writing that essay I mentioned for Neuropsych class about that one fancy article I already had the privilege of ranting about. Whew….I don’t know if you noticed, but that was all one sentence.

Suffice to say, I did not get my beauty sleep. And when Hannah doesn’t get her beauty sleep, she gets rather grumpy. I forced myself to get some shut eye by five in the A.M. and forced myself to crawl out from under my covers by 8:30 in the A.M. so that I could put some finishing touches on that paper of mine. As you can imagine, the usual hyper, happiness-craved weirdo that I typically am transformed into this slobbering, angry bear that’s been awoken from its slumber. There I went grumbling all the way to the bus and finally…to class.

Before I go run off and bake my first layer cake, I will give all you growing girls (and boys) out there a little advice. Early to bed and early to rise does make a growing girl pretty and nice, but ridiculously late to bed and even just somewhat early to rise makes everyone grimy and grouchy. So take the advice of Ted Mosby and go to bed! He may be wrong in saying that nothing ever good happens after 2 AM because I’m sure that even the best things do, but there is some truth in it. Sometimes you need get off that high horse of yours and get some sleep. Everyone knows sleep is, at the very least, slightly important. Especially me. I “sinceriously” need to get my beauty sleep…

Goodnight all…


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