Hmmm…..Something About Me as A Person (Or Something Like That)

Published February 11, 2014 by konchk


That’s about it. I could go through a whole internal monologue about this, but I won’t. If you ever have had the great pleasure/misfortune of meeting me you could see me in either two different ways, depending on the situation.

A. You see me as a super quiet, reserved person who would rather not have a pointless conversation with you.

B. You could see me as a super energetic, eccentric strange wo-girl-dy-chal (woman/girl/lady/chick/gal) who will talk to you about the complexity of life and all that philosophical crapola.

I am both, but the first probably labels me better. Or the second. I don’t know. But, I suppose with along with mostly everybody except those select few who are ridiculously bluntly honest, I do keep most of my thoughts/intentions/feelings/opinions/plans/what have you, to myself. And I really do have a poop ton of all of those. I guess this did turn into a mini, internal monologue of mine, but I couldn’t help myself. Ha! Who would’ve thunk?

P.S. Thank you much StumbleUpon!


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