These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

Published February 18, 2014 by konchk

1. Audrey Hepburn. I am proud of sharing the same personality type with this lovely lady (INFP). However, if I had her grace/poise/pleasantness/perfectness/intelligence/gentleness/humor/smile I would be the happiest soul that ever lived.

2. The all-time best movie ever (coincidentally, one that the lovely woman I adore acted in)…Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

3. My obnoxious, gregarious, beautiful, quirky sister, Deb. One word encompasses all the amazing things she is: AWESOME. I love her more than anything in the world.

4. Art. I absolutely-dutely love looking at and creating something beautiful/meaningful.

5. Cheesecake. Would you believe me if I told you that this was my nickname all through high school. If not, poo on you. Because it was.

6. Dogs. Preferably German Shepherds. I think dogs (especially the beloved German Shepherd) are more loyal, loving, caring, and even smarter than actual people…no offense. My best friend in middle/high school was ma old puppy Jack.

7. Glasses. I think they’re awesome. On people. On me. I wish I was slightly blind at times so I could wear them more often. But I guess my fake ones will have to do…

8. Coffee…this is a new one. I’m trying to not need any every morning. It is getting rather difficult.

9. Bon Jovi. Aerosmith. ABBA. Goo Goo Dolls. The Beatles. The Grass Roots. Queen. Red Hot Chili Peppers. ACDC. And most definitely, Steven Tyler. I flipping love old-ish music. What can I say? I’m an old soul 🙂

10. My friends: Melany, Lacey, Nate, Matthew, Noodles, Mason, Lando, and most definitely Brittany-Frittany. They are freaking awesome and don’t know what I would do without them.

11. My family. There aren’t a whole lot of people who could have had a family like mine. They can be such weirdos some times…but they are my weirdos.

12. Trees. I was known as “Tree Girl” throughout my high school/college art classes. They are about the most beautiful things in the world to me. And I love drawing them.

13. Money. I am an impulse buyer. I promise. I am getting better.

Well, folks….I think that’s about it. If I think of anything else, I shall add it. Until then, sweet dreams and goodnight 🙂


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