Tree Mirror

Published February 26, 2014 by konchk

017I failed to let you all in on my bucket list adventures last week.  Alas, I had many thought-out plans on what I would accomplish, but all fell through. I ended up having to find something to do last minute. No worries, however…I did indeed crossed something off that darling list of mine. I don’t quite enough time to get into it today, but it was pretty awesome considering I hadn’t planned it out very thoroughly. And you can trust me on that…

One thing I sort of felt like showing was a little something I had done during one of my art classes in high school. Earlier I had mentioned being dubbed Tree Girl, just because of how I couldn’t help drawing them in everything. I used every opportunity to pencil out some lovely trees in ma art. In particular, for this surreal-abstract thingymabobby, I drew lots of them. I can’t really quite remember what my reasoning was, something about there being good and bad in everything, sort of like a ying-yang type ordeal. But yeah, gave me a reason to draw more trees.

Hope you all likey 🙂


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