I Want More

Published April 16, 2014 by konchk

When I wake up.

I want a latte. Covered in cool whhhhip

And all this dumb Fargo snow to melt

Maybe pancakes with choco chips

But I’ll still want more

I want to feel like dancing

Or something like dancing?….

I want to be able to do the splits

Or something that looks like splits?

I want more

I want to never worry again

About a single thing

I want to just write in a blog, make bracelets, and paint

…Learn to sing?

I want much more

I want to bungee jump, sky dive, climb rocks, and stuff like that

But live too

I still want to learn to surf, swim (yeah), and something else probably

Oh poo

Not enough

I want to help someone or something a lot

Like starving children, or something

Is it even right to still want more? I probably would…

I want everything

I want to fall desperately in love

Enough so I can’t fall out

I want someone to love me too?

If anyone like that is out there

But I still really like lattes

Like a lot.



4 comments on “I Want More

  • I knowhow you feel on some of these, although I could do without the bungee jumping or sky diving (I’m afraid of heights!) And I have to admit, I love that scene from Family Guy. It becomes an ongoing gag in future episodes, over-pronouncing the “h” in words.

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