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Building a Fort

Published January 2, 2015 by konchk


Bucket list item #97: Build a fort covering an entire room.

I would say a job well done! And it is quite comfy-cozy 🙂



Yoda Wisdom

Published June 8, 2014 by konchk

Being an avid Star Wars nerd, I found a lovely Yoda saying to be appropriate for today’s Quote of the Week….Love this cute little dude.

Enjoy 🙂

Do, or do not. There is no try.”


The Empire Strikes Back


Published April 15, 2014 by konchk

Yes. This is my eye. No. It does not have any relevance to this post.
What is relevant is that I had a spectacular night.

Yes. This is my eye.

Yes. This is my eye.

I mean…the moon is pretty spectacular in itself. Even without an eclipse over it. Even when it is not a beautiful rusty color. And even when I’m not getting my share of kisses under it.

I’ve been waiting flipping forever to get this crapola off my list.
# 42: Share a kiss under a full moon.
# 191: See a lunar eclipse.
Both made the spectacular moon even seem more spectacular to me.

Some Cool Psychological Stuff…

Published March 13, 2014 by konchk

A very rare surgery severe epileptic patients can receive is one of severing the corpus callosum, which helps both the left and right hemispheres communicate with one another. Well, some pretty interesting stuff occurs in these patients. It turns out, that when the dear corpus callosum is severed, the patient seems to have “two” brains because of the inability for those halves to communicate. To put this in perspective, here is a video with good ole Alan Alda that explains this process much better than I do…Enjoy!


I’m Back!!!

Published March 8, 2014 by konchk
Thorough planning for my ceiling

Thorough planning for my ceiling

As per usual, I was able to cross off an item off that wonderful bucket list of mine in the knick of time (That’s how you spell “knick”, right?). I finally had the stamina/courage/resources/motivation/what-have-you to finish sticking those darn stars on my ceiling! With the help of my good friends Sully and Hobby Lobby. Wish me lots of luck on my next escapade!

049                                             048

Milgram’s Obedience Study: BAD!!!

Published February 27, 2014 by konchk

As of recently, my good friend Noodles and I are learning about ethical standards to be followed during psychological experiments for that Research Methods class of ours. Specifically, we’ve been learned what not to do. For instance, do not lead participants believe that they are killing anyone. That’s just mean in itself. I would be so conflicted about myself as a human being if I were one. Eeesh… Yup, that’s what I learned. Enjoy watching.

P.S. This video gives me the creeps



Research Work I Am Proud To Be A Part Of

Published February 20, 2014 by konchk

I made the NDSU newsletter! Or at least, my research group did…This mainly includes work shown in our first paper, and I am still working with a wonderful lady on writing the second. Crossing my fingers, knocking on wood, and wishing on a fallen star that it goes well. Well, folks…here it is. I’m so proud of the work we have done and am so thankful for the lovely people in the Civil Engineering department that helped me get involved in research.