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G-Hog Day

Published February 2, 2015 by konchk

Froze my butt off waiting for the bus early this morning.

Had kind of an off day all day…super tired and so was everyone else.

And according to our little groundhog, we have another 6 weeks of a hard winter ahead of us.

Still, happy Groundhog Day to all.



6 Ways to Let it Go

Published August 6, 2014 by konchk

Idina Menzel – Let It Go (from “Frozen”): http://youtu.be/YVVTZgwYwVo

When some person would first meet me I appear shy/slightly awkward/and along the lines of nice or sweet… or at least that’s what people tell me. When  people get to know me (and I mean, pretty closely) they find how not-very- confident, deep-minded, empathetic, introverted, and ridiculously excited I can get. Oh, and I have kind of a quirky sense of humor only a few people actually “get”. If I were to explain who I am….I dunno. A lot of people miss out on me. The real me. I can truly say I may seem not so confident in not own skin, nice beyond nice, and introverted because of my standards on how a person should be. Not so much everyone as standards I have for myself.

1. Try to understand others. This plays into the whole empathy thing. Keep an open mind and don’t judge on spot. Every person has a reason for why they are the way they are. Whether they are some Mother Teresa or some psychopath.

2. Make someone happy. I’m really not as sweet as this might make me seem….I really just can’t stand crabby people. It honestly will ruin my day and turn me into a Miss Cranky Pants. This people-pleasing habit of mine is why I seem slightly hyperactive/anxious/humorous/perfectionistic (whatever you call it). To be quite honest, I quite dislike feeling the need to… some people either want to stay unhappy or are, by nature….mean. And, even if it is bout even remotely my fault, it takes a till on my self esteem and feel an extra load of guilt for something I didn’t do.

3. Be genuine. This hasn’t always been overly important, but I would like to say I value more “real” experiences/emotions/people/ideas/dogs or something than I have in the past. I do not at all like faking emotion, saying things I do not mean, or manipulating others to further my job or relationships or social status or something else that obviously does not matter. I see these as not only a means of lying to others but also to myself.

4. Be realistic and move on when things don’t go your way. This too has changed over time. I am not as dreamy and starry eyed as I was when I was in high school. This comes from being hurt in friendships, romantic relationships, and in life. I love my life where it’s headed, but I still try my very best to leave my own happiness up to me. I have accepted that there will be let downs and that is okay. I may make it seem like I have major trust issues of whatever…. not at all the same. I trust myself. And let my heart follow my head, not the other way around. Or I at least try.

5. Experience and enjoy life. Even though I only just turned the age of 20 years (ha!), I sometimes do feel the sensation of my life slipping away. Hence the bucket list….I may be very cautious, but I’m sure you may no know. .. adventure is very close to my heart. I want to sky dive and learn to swim and go skinny dipping and all that nonsense. Which is why, 1. I may make some impulsive/foolish decisions; 2. I have a hard time making decisions/commitments; and 3. I still have a little bit if that starry eyed dreamer in me. 

6. Think over everything. If you have the strange pleasure of striking some “deep” conversation with me, you may find how much I second guess myself. It’s a lot. I analyze people a bit too much. Their strengths and weaknesses, thoughts and fears, and whether they are either good or bad. I over, over think myself. The same thing kinda. And end up not liking myself so much in the end. I over think my feelings, looking for ways to change them to stop myself from getting hurt. I wish I wouldn’t so much sometimes… as much as I try to seem blase, confident, independent, smart I am actually terrified enough to pee my pants.

Maybe if I “Let it Go”?….I really could be brave, I could experience things the way I want, I could let myself genuinely care about people….I could accept who I am and not feel the need to constantly please others. I let myself dream a bit more?….

Bucket List Adventures

Published June 14, 2014 by konchk

Bucket List Item # 30: Sing in the rain

Ever since I have seen Gene Kelly dance his heart away in the 1952 musical, I had such high high hopes…of singing in the rain myself. Thus, number 30 on my bucket list–>to sing my heart away in the rain.

Today, I am proud to announce to the world…I sung my heart away as Gene Kelly once did. Perhaps not quite as elegantly…but I did it! This calls for celebration. Time to watch the World Cup 🙂