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Happy 1 Year Anniversary to “Shenanigans of A Hoodlum”!

Published January 31, 2015 by konchk

The wordpress machine told me on my little notification side bar that exactly one year ago…I ventured on this blog journey. This last year had its extreme highs and its extreme lows. I’d like to say more highs than lows, but it’s actually fairly balanced. Since last year my world has been up and down, post or no post…my life has been hectic but full of fun as well.

Since one year ago and maybe a little before, I have…

Started this lovely blog.

Finally kept my promise.

Sang in the rain. Kissed in the rain.

Shared a kiss under a full moon.

Formed the constellation of a pretty-ful night sky on my ceiling.

Looked through a telescope.

And witnessed a most beautiful lunar eclipse.

Went to a bachelorette party for a spontaneous wedding.

Did something completely spontaneous normal Hannah would never dream of doing.

Got a pet rock (which turned out to be an owl)

And named him Paparkahar.

Shot a gun and missed a poop ton

I finally hit a can ever-so-slightly.

Baked a sweet, pink layer cake

And a loaf of bread…but should have waiting to bake.

Ate some caviar my dear friend bought for me.

Gave out an “I find you attractive” business card

To three cute waiters at the Olive Garden

Then left a 100 percent tip.

Sent a care package to my favorite person in the whole world.

Finally scared my roommate.

Drew a model nude.

Learned to dance.

Wrote a letter to me to read decades later.

Rode in a cop car on the way to the bus station.

Spaced out through all my classes.

Because I met a boy.

Shared the most meaningful conversations with my best friends.

And forgot them all.

Left for Rapid City.

Skipped a semester from school.

And made lots of moneys.

Making coffee in a bookstore.

And sitting in Cherry Berry.

Spent time with my sisters, grams, and niece.

And other people, I guess.

Saw a shooting star on a walk at night.

And made a wish that I can’t remember.

Went kayaking with my pretty sister.

Fell into the water.

Took a picture in a photo booth with my smart, wittle, adorably-entitled nephew.

Left because I missed a boy a lot.

And goofed off with him for weeks.

Ate lots of sushi and dressed up.

Ate some frog legs.


Finally made it back to College Town.

Finally decided I wanted to be in school.

Finally got another job.

Bought a lottery ticket for the heck of it.

Didn’t win, by the way.

Still pursuing my passions..

Still memorizing those 100 digits of pi.

Still reading Crime And Punishment

Still learning to swim and drive?

Still in school.

Still blogging. And arting. And doing stuff.

Here is to another year.


Hannah’s New Boots

Published December 31, 2014 by konchk

When I was little,  I was absolutely obsessed with the children’s book, Hannah’s New Boots, by Cecilia something.  Mainly because the main little girl had my name. Why I fell so in love with it… beats me!
For Christmas, my parents were determined to find that book for me (which was sadly out of print) and the matching red rain boots. Best. Christmas. Present. EVER.


As with many things I love, I lost those gorgeous boots and that lovely book. However, I am now determined to get them back! About a week ago, I got another pair of tall red boots (not rain boots quite yet…) but I am still working on it!
Still searching on Amazon for the book!

Hoping for a special new year πŸ™‚

A Dozen Things About Me I Am Okay With

Published February 25, 2014 by konchk
Little troll says it's okay to not be perfect. It's okay to settle for happy :)

Little troll says it’s okay to not be perfect. It’s okay to settle for happy πŸ™‚

As it is Tuesday, and I am supposedly supposed to share a bit about myself, I will listen to my good ole friend, Sully, and write about what I like about myself. But despite what he thinks me having “low self esteem” and always “putting myself down” this actually won’t be entirely too difficult for me. What people don’t know is that I poke fun at myself, reject compliments, and typically don’t go on and on about awesome stuff about me, is because I don’t feel like I need to. Sorry, that sounds a bit conceited. But it’s a whole loving-me-for-me thing. I promise.

It might surprise you that the people that feel the most vulnerable about themselves are the ones who search for compliments, put themselves in gorgeous, glamorous lights, and deny any sort of fault they possibly may have. I don’t necessarily think I’m perfect…God no…but I feel perfectly fine waking up every morning knowing I have plenty of issues. Ha. I know I’m clumsy, so I laugh it off when I slip on the ice or trip over my own steps. I know I may have a funny-looking face so I joke and say how hideous I look. I know I can be a bit absent-minded and daydreamy at times, but I’ll keep on being all happy-like in my own little world. It doesn’t bother me none. I know I can be a bit lazy at times, but everybody needs to be a little lazy at times or they go crazy. Especially in college. I know I am kind of a scrawny string-bean, but I won’t put myself down for it. Everybody’s bodies are built a little differently. And I know I can make some silly mistakes, but so does everybody. I know that I am far, far from perfect, but I still do love being me.

1. I love that I can say the alphabet backwards. It kind of is a useless talent, unless I plan on getting drunk and pulled over anytime soon. Which I don’t, for multiple reasons (one being that I don’t have my driver’s liscense yet). But it is an ice-breaker and conversation starter at parties.

2. I love that I am able to look on the bright side of things, even if it doesn’t feel like there isn’t much good around to see. I believe more than anything that the strongest people try their best to keep their smile showing.

3. I love that I’m nice. It may sound a bit cliche, but it seems like our society puts down people that are just nice. You know, the whole “nice guys finish last” ordeal. But simply being nice doesn’t make you any less strong-willed, confident, or successful. And it sure doesn’t make you anymore fragile. Just imagine how difficult it actually is to put up with others crapola with a bit of sympathy. It’s actually fairly difficult to be nice and get treated with respect. But not impossible.

4. Keeping the positivity thing in mind, I like that I am able to move past my regrets, mistakes, and heartbreaks. It makes me seem pretty flippant about my situations, I know. However, I try to keep myself moving, looking for what others people have to offer me, and mostly what I have to offer others.

5. I love that I am curious, always looking for ways to understand absolutely everything and everyone. Sometimes I have to remind myself that I do not know everything, and that not everything is as what it seems. It’s all part of the journey, I suppose. But that is, I guess, part of the reason why I am so enthused about exploring the world of psycho-ology.

6. Even though I am a very sensitive and emotional person, I am indeed pleased in how my way of thinking has sort of changed since leaving that strange world of Saint Paul. I am more prone to rational thinking than emotional outbursts than I used to be. Or is it the other way around? Not entirely sure yet.

7. I actually do like being very imperfect. It makes people feel a bit more comfortable around you.

8. I love that I place much more importance on the right things than I used to. I have grown to having unbreakable loyalty to the good people in my life: my lovely friends and family.

9. I love how weird I am. I am proud to be a part of a Cheaper by the Dozen family and to have been born in my mother’s bedroom. Amongst many other oddities.

10. I love being passionate about the things I’m passionate about. That sentence doesn’t seem quite right, but neither do I. I have to be passionate, though, because the only for me to get things done is to be absolutely-dutely enthralled about them.

11. I love that dogs and babies just stare when I’m around. It might be because I’m kind of a strange human being, but it also might because babies/animals have some special, instinctual sense about people…and that makes me feel a bit special myself.

12. I love being me.

Well, I sure do hope that is good enough for Sully. Have a lovely night all πŸ™‚

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

Published February 18, 2014 by konchk

1. Audrey Hepburn. I am proud of sharing the same personality type with this lovely lady (INFP). However, if I had her grace/poise/pleasantness/perfectness/intelligence/gentleness/humor/smile I would be the happiest soul that ever lived.

2. The all-time best movie ever (coincidentally, one that the lovely woman I adore acted in)…Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

3. My obnoxious, gregarious, beautiful, quirky sister, Deb. One word encompasses all the amazing things she is: AWESOME. I love her more than anything in the world.

4. Art. I absolutely-dutely love looking at and creating something beautiful/meaningful.

5. Cheesecake. Would you believe me if I told you that this was my nickname all through high school. If not, poo on you. Because it was.

6. Dogs. Preferably German Shepherds. I think dogs (especially the beloved German Shepherd) are more loyal, loving, caring, and even smarter than actual people…no offense. My best friend in middle/high school was ma old puppy Jack.

7. Glasses. I think they’re awesome. On people. On me. I wish I was slightly blind at times so I could wear them more often. But I guess my fake ones will have to do…

8. Coffee…this is a new one. I’m trying to not need any every morning. It is getting rather difficult.

9. Bon Jovi. Aerosmith. ABBA. Goo Goo Dolls. The Beatles. The Grass Roots. Queen. Red Hot Chili Peppers. ACDC. And most definitely, Steven Tyler. I flipping love old-ish music. What can I say? I’m an old soul πŸ™‚

10. My friends: Melany, Lacey, Nate, Matthew, Noodles, Mason, Lando, and most definitely Brittany-Frittany. They are freaking awesome and don’t know what I would do without them.

11. My family. There aren’t a whole lot of people who could have had a family like mine. They can be such weirdos some times…but they are my weirdos.

12. Trees. I was known as “Tree Girl” throughout my high school/college art classes. They are about the most beautiful things in the world to me. And I love drawing them.

13. Money. I am an impulse buyer. I promise. I am getting better.

Well, folks….I think that’s about it. If I think of anything else, I shall add it. Until then, sweet dreams and goodnight πŸ™‚

Bucket List Adventures/Sunday Quote Smushed Into One Post

Published February 16, 2014 by konchk
Paparkahar, my lovely new pet rock.

Paparkahar, my lovely new pet rock.

I do “sinceriously” apologize for playing hooky on writing my usual post yesterday…I was deathly tired and was too lazy to turn on my computer. But I will fill you on my bucket list adventures for this past week. As per usual…I didn’t do anything thoroughly exciting quite yet, but I do hope you will at least be a teeny bit amused.

First of all, I finally mailed a care package (don’t ask me why it was on my list. I just always thought it’d be something fun/nice to do). I sent it to ma sister for her birthday (which was about a month ago, but what are you gonna do?…)/Valentine’s Day present (which will still arrive after Valentine’s Day). I got her lots of goodies she’ll thoroughly enjoy, including Warheads (can’t find them anywhere nowadays except for in that Spencer’s store in the mall), a gift card to Victoria’s Secret, and a bunch of girly-girl stuff. Basically, I gave her stuff I’d like to get in the mail, because we like all the same things.

My other item I crossed off was to get a pet rock. Yet again, another sort of random/pointless/not so entirely exciting or daring/slightly boring item on my bucket list. But like my other thingy I crossed off this week, I always wanted one, so there you are. Back to my point, I got one! And he is flipping adorable. He is an owl. His name is Paparkahar (from ma mummy’s bed time stories).

So, that’s about it with the bucket list thing. I know I was hoping to stick glow-in-the-dark stars on my ceiling in the pattern of the legit constellation, but it’s going to be a bit more complicated than I had anticipated. Anywho, I do hope you all enjoyed my little escapade.

Oh! Quote of the week! SUNDAY…Almost forgot.

3 o’clock is always too late or too early for anything you want to do

-Truman Capote 

I don’t quite know what this quizzical saying means, but I liked it a bit. Something about doing whatever you like, even when it’s 3 o’clock?….I dunno. If you have any insight on what this apparently life-changing quote means, please do comment. Otherwise, I’ll just Google it.

Well, this is where I ditch you all…I hope all of you have a wonderful week ahead of you! πŸ™‚