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New Years

Published December 29, 2014 by konchk

I haven’t quite been up to my usual shenanigans as of late…I hope, with this New Year to bring back the things that bring me passion. I am hoping to keep with blogging. I miss reading all of how other people find passion in their normal routines in their lives. I am hoping to keep with the crossing off my too-long bucket list. I hope to, along with other hopeless Americans, start living a bit more healthy. For lovely instance…doing yoga/light exercise/at least stretching every day at least once. Eating better, of course! Less processed foods, more greens, and cutting my caffeine down quite a bit (more difficult than it sounds). And there is always flossing and taking vitamins. As with other hopeless Americans, I will be trying to get better with my finances…I should probably start a budget, or something?.. I just kind of want to become a better person, with this whole new year and all. I want to be proud of who I am. I want passion in my life. I want to be wholesome, if that makes any sense. I guess there is quite a lot of work to do this 2015. Wish me lots of luck, all πŸ™‚ Hope you all also find what you are looking for.


My Dad and Jack Lalanne

Published June 15, 2014 by konchk

In honor of Father’s Day, I hope to share work done by the loved-by-all, fitness guru Jack Lalanne. His health and fitness teachings inspired my Dad to eat and exercise healthily, which resulted in an amazing 90 pound weight loss along with a sense of well-being. Happy Father’s Day, Daddy πŸ™‚


Published June 9, 2014 by konchk

Having been in college a while, I almost gave up on exercising and staying healthy…but starting this summer, this horrible habit is going to change. I am trying to stay active to get my toned, high school body back. Okay, maybe there isn’t much to change, but it will make me feel better in many, many ways.

Try this folks….a bit harder than it looks ;D

P.S. ThisΒ  extra flexibility may help me help cross off an item off my bucket list…being able to do the splits!

Some Cool Psychological Stuff…

Published March 13, 2014 by konchk

A very rare surgery severe epileptic patients can receive is one of severing the corpus callosum, which helps both the left and right hemispheres communicate with one another. Well, some pretty interesting stuff occurs in these patients. It turns out, that when the dear corpus callosum is severed, the patient seems to have “two” brains because of the inability for those halves to communicate. To put this in perspective, here is a video with good ole Alan Alda that explains this process much better than I do…Enjoy!


I’ll Be Back!

Published March 3, 2014 by konchk

031I had a prior goal to shoot for writing a post every day of the week. I do apologize to all you lovely people, but this week is going to be pretty hectic. Wish me luck πŸ™‚ I will try my best to be productive…

Oh….and here are a little things to fill you in on the posts I missed.

Some advice: Take care of your body. You have to live with it the rest of your life, so I suggest you do your best to take care of it. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables, exercise, get a good night’s sleep, brush your teeth at least twice a day, and wash your face. Avoid drinking, smoking, drugs, caffeine, and candy as much as you possibly can. Those are no-nos.

My bucket list adventures: Started mapping out the constellation for my ceiling. Still didn’t get around to hanging them. But I did scare my roommate, Mel-ANY! Don’t ask why it was on there. Haha. However, if you must know, last year in the dorms I would hide in various places in the room so I could freak her out. Never worked. But for some reason, this week hiding on the stairs, worked like a charm.

Quote of the Week:Wanting to be someone you are not is a waste of the person you are” -Kurt Cobain

Love that man. And those are some wise words…took me a while to stay true to myself. But I wouldn’t give up being me for the world.

Pee in your pants it’s so funny:


Have a wonderful week all πŸ™‚ I will be back after all my crapola is done!