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Happy 1 Year Anniversary to “Shenanigans of A Hoodlum”!

Published January 31, 2015 by konchk

The wordpress machine told me on my little notification side bar that exactly one year ago…I ventured on this blog journey. This last year had its extreme highs and its extreme lows. I’d like to say more highs than lows, but it’s actually fairly balanced. Since last year my world has been up and down, post or no post…my life has been hectic but full of fun as well.

Since one year ago and maybe a little before, I have…

Started this lovely blog.

Finally kept my promise.

Sang in the rain. Kissed in the rain.

Shared a kiss under a full moon.

Formed the constellation of a pretty-ful night sky on my ceiling.

Looked through a telescope.

And witnessed a most beautiful lunar eclipse.

Went to a bachelorette party for a spontaneous wedding.

Did something completely spontaneous normal Hannah would never dream of doing.

Got a pet rock (which turned out to be an owl)

And named him Paparkahar.

Shot a gun and missed a poop ton

I finally hit a can ever-so-slightly.

Baked a sweet, pink layer cake

And a loaf of bread…but should have waiting to bake.

Ate some caviar my dear friend bought for me.

Gave out an “I find you attractive” business card

To three cute waiters at the Olive Garden

Then left a 100 percent tip.

Sent a care package to my favorite person in the whole world.

Finally scared my roommate.

Drew a model nude.

Learned to dance.

Wrote a letter to me to read decades later.

Rode in a cop car on the way to the bus station.

Spaced out through all my classes.

Because I met a boy.

Shared the most meaningful conversations with my best friends.

And forgot them all.

Left for Rapid City.

Skipped a semester from school.

And made lots of moneys.

Making coffee in a bookstore.

And sitting in Cherry Berry.

Spent time with my sisters, grams, and niece.

And other people, I guess.

Saw a shooting star on a walk at night.

And made a wish that I can’t remember.

Went kayaking with my pretty sister.

Fell into the water.

Took a picture in a photo booth with my smart, wittle, adorably-entitled nephew.

Left because I missed a boy a lot.

And goofed off with him for weeks.

Ate lots of sushi and dressed up.

Ate some frog legs.


Finally made it back to College Town.

Finally decided I wanted to be in school.

Finally got another job.

Bought a lottery ticket for the heck of it.

Didn’t win, by the way.

Still pursuing my passions..

Still memorizing those 100 digits of pi.

Still reading Crime And Punishment

Still learning to swim and drive?

Still in school.

Still blogging. And arting. And doing stuff.

Here is to another year.


I Want More

Published April 16, 2014 by konchk

When I wake up.

I want a latte. Covered in cool whhhhip

And all this dumb Fargo snow to melt

Maybe pancakes with choco chips

But I’ll still want more

I want to feel like dancing

Or something like dancing?….

I want to be able to do the splits

Or something that looks like splits?

I want more

I want to never worry again

About a single thing

I want to just write in a blog, make bracelets, and paint

…Learn to sing?

I want much more

I want to bungee jump, sky dive, climb rocks, and stuff like that

But live too

I still want to learn to surf, swim (yeah), and something else probably

Oh poo

Not enough

I want to help someone or something a lot

Like starving children, or something

Is it even right to still want more? I probably would…

I want everything

I want to fall desperately in love

Enough so I can’t fall out

I want someone to love me too?

If anyone like that is out there

But I still really like lattes

Like a lot.


First Impressions Are Usually True

Published February 21, 2014 by konchk

It all depends on which first impression you want to follow that is…. there are about a bazillion impressions someone can make on you. Some wise Hannah advice: follow your gut instinct. Believe the impression that randomly pops up in your head at times without you aren’t even trying to think about it. There’s a reason certain doubts poof out of thin air,  because I can bet you anything, it’s not out of thin air. And when the time comes where you think on acting on that inside voice, do it. Even if your heart tells you no and all that blah blah blah. Because the day you start following your head and not your heart is the day you are set free from the stupid things it makes you do.
Have a fantabulous Friday everyone. Here’s some music to get you going 🙂

11 Tips On How to Avoid Heartbreak

Published February 14, 2014 by konchk

I thought I would be fully prepared to give some all-knowing love advice, in the spirit of gold ole Saint Valentine’s Day. But if I were to be perfectly honest,  I don’t know the slightest thing about love. I only know the “what not to do or you will get terribly hurt” tips. I guess I can share a bit with all of you lovely ladies out there.

1. Don’t be yourself. When you start showing your inner weirdness you seem…weird. Boys like to be able predict an outcome without any effort involved into getting to know you.
2. Don’t ever show you care. They will use that against you to get what they want.
3. Don’t show your feelings. Those things are a nuisance.
4. Don’t go out of your way for them. It’s giving them a reason to expect you to go out of your way.
5. Don’t share any personal information.  They don’t want to know.
6. Don’t expect anything out of them. You will be thoroughly disappointed and awkward conflicts arise.
7. Don’t ask for a future with them. If they didn’t ask you for one,  it means they don’t want one.
8. Don’t look anything less than a Victoria’s Secret model. Men are purely visual and criticize anything less than perfection.
9. Don’t date because you want to form some meaningful connection. Date for some easy sex.
10. Don’t text the guy faster than he texts you. And don’t even think about texting first. You’ll seem over eager and easy.
11. Don’t fall in love.

Scratch that…. these are all rules if you are wasting your time on the wrong guy.  There are fish-a-plenty out there. There are men who would willingly treat you like a lady. And even if it takes you forever to find him,  you’ll still be okay. I’m sure there is something about you that’s pretty/amusing/funny/smart/absolutely stunning. You most definitely deserve someone who can make you happy. That’s about it…. Don’t mind me. Gonna go finish that Domino’s pizza I ordered.