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Steve Jobs Says It All

Published February 3, 2015 by konchk



Hello Friends :)

Published April 13, 2014 by konchk

I understand it has been quite a while. I have to say that I (regretfully) have neglected my blogging duties…and bucket list duties 😦 I hope to change this. In fact, I’m hoping to change a few things about myself to help me grow as a person, or whatever.

1. For a few weeks, to catch up on bucket list stuff and such…I will try for crossing off two items, instead of one. This will be rather difficult, but very much worth it.

2. Write to you lovely people as much as I can. I need to liven up my writing a bit and wake myself up a bit.

3. More yoga/meditation/walks…Just basically some alone time to clear my mind. School is getting kind of crazy as of now and I need some more energy spoons.

4. Go to class ready. Unfortunately, I have been slacking in this area…Feeling sick or tired or just overwhelmed. Class is still kinda important, since I am going into a poop ton of debt going. Any time I sense myself myself dozing, slap in the face!

5. Leave my debit card at home. Enough said.

6. Have an hour or two every day set aside for just plain creativity.

7. Wake up early. It’s always very tempting to sleep in, but I am less of a cranky butt when I am able to spend the morning doing something productive.

8. Keep my big goals in mind. Pretty important.

9. Lay off the coffee. This one is flipping difficult. Especially with the dozing off part in # 4.

10. Even though # 8 is kinda why I’m here, I need to still enjoy the present and stop worrying about what will happen in the future. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

This last week has been pretty crazy, but I am finding my motivation yet again! Yes…Even though I see a crappy day ahead of me, it helps to keep a smile on my face. Because every day has an end, and I think I’d rather look back on it knowing that I faced it with a good attitude.

To wrap it up, here’s a bit to keep you happy.

Bucket List Adventures: I wrote a letter to my 30 year old self telling me to get off my butt and make my dreams come true, if they haven’t already. I’m always of afraid of losing my passion as I get older and want to keep my inner flame going. Secondly, I went in to a movie theatre on campus and watched a movie alone. I didn’t like it very much. Not because I didn’t like being alone, but because the movie, Her, was incredibly stupid. I mean it…dumb movie, not to be blatant or anything. Just couldn’t relate to the character falling with the voice of Scarlett Johansson in a computer, even with her breathy voice.

Quote of the Week:Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds” -Albert Einstein