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Filling the Void

Published November 23, 2014 by konchk

Thoughts? For me, filling a void by keeping busy, staying ahead, or catching up does make me feel overwhelmed…and end up forgetting to pay attention to the important things. I’d like to do something like take a cruise/travel/do something absolutely crazy to get away from it all. Time to fill my void!



Published April 15, 2014 by konchk

Yes. This is my eye. No. It does not have any relevance to this post.
What is relevant is that I had a spectacular night.

Yes. This is my eye.

Yes. This is my eye.

I mean…the moon is pretty spectacular in itself. Even without an eclipse over it. Even when it is not a beautiful rusty color. And even when I’m not getting my share of kisses under it.

I’ve been waiting flipping forever to get this crapola off my list.
# 42: Share a kiss under a full moon.
# 191: See a lunar eclipse.
Both made the spectacular moon even seem more spectacular to me.

Now and Later

Published March 27, 2014 by konchk

The funny thing about being human is the constant compulsion of chasing the future. It’s what makes us special compared to other animals. We think about what we will need/want/be doing/feel/ see later, not just what we need for the present moment to keep is alive. Don’t get me wrong…I do believe animals can have some pretty complex stuff going on in their brains. They feel connections, love, hate, warmth, sadness, grief, loneliness, excitement, anger, fear, and puzzlement like we do…to an extent. But those feelings, even when they are strong, pass. Or at least they don’t loom as much in the future like ours do. We hold onto all of those muddled and complex wants we have for the moment and stick them into a little bottle in the future. For some reason or another, we trick ourselves into believing nothing will change. Or that everything will change. I dunno… We think so much about what will happen– what we will end up working for for the rest of our lives, how much we will end up earning, who our friends will be, what our houses will look like, how many pets we’ll have, if we will start a family, if we will still look as good as we do now, if our health will be good or bad, how many adventurous moments we will have, if we will ever find true happiness. And that’s what we do. We hope that it will get better. And when it is better we want more. And we still think there is more. We want more. Our passion to want more is both wonderful and slightly depressing. It is what makes us special and powerful. We can do anything because we desire anything and everything. But… it is also what makes us confused, lonely, tired, anxious, empty, destitute, sad, and terrified. That drive to chase time. As if we could ever catch it. As if our future holds happiness or something completely worse. What we don’t know,  with all that chasing and thinking and planning and waiting, is that we only have now. We only have today. And we are the only ones that can give us real happiness. But it is nearly impossible to see how unreal later is. It’s plainly just a crap ton of “nows” passing by.

Good morning sunshine…the earth says “Hello!”

Published January 30, 2014 by konchk

This is my first blog post…WHOOP WHOOP. So here’s the dealio: It’s the 179th item on my bucket list to create an awesome blog. So here I am. I will continue crossing off items off my lovely list every week. And I would like to share with all you wonderful people who dare to embark on this journey with me these experiences. To let you all know, I’m actually going to post a poop ton. I’m going to shoot for sharing something every day to give us all a break from our busy lives (not that I have a ton of extra free time to myself…wait…I’m actually not being sarcastic. I should probably be doing something more productive at this moment).

But, here goes…

I will start off each week, each Sunday, with an inspirational quote. You know, to get our blood pumping and ready.

Mondays are kinda poopy…so we need a little humor to get us through.

Tuesday, I will let you in on little tid bits on me.

Wednesday…HUMP DAYYY!!! Anything my heart desires, I shall post.

Thursday…snore…college life.

Friday I will give some well-rounded Hannah advice about anything and everything.

And finally! My favorite part…I will share what I have done and how I crossed off one or more item or items off my bucket list!

Let’s see how well this goes. Knock on hood! I mean, wood.